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The cheesecake business is a vast and thriving one. But with new bakeries opening almost every day, it is also saturated & highly competitive


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Business with the cheesecake in the hospitality industry

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? How about business then?

Across the world, the cheesecake business amounts to approximately 3 billion dollars. So it’s safe to say that almost everyone loves this creamy delight. Be it by way of getting it delivered at home or heading out to a bakery—people all over the world look to the humble cheesecake as the ultimate comfort dessert.
The cheesecake business is a vast and thriving one. But with new bakeries opening almost every day, it is also saturated and highly competitive. That’s why bakeries and retail cheesecake businesses must stand out by offering range and variety on their menu. That’s where we, at The Cheesecake, come in.

The Eggless Classic New York Style Cheesecake Mix By The Cheesecake: Our Story

Want to serve taste, variety and love on the menu? Look no further than the ready-to-bake eggless cheesecake mix by The Cheesecake. The recipe is evocative of love, family and togetherness. Inspired by my mother’s eggless classic New York Style Cheesecake, our cheesecake mix is like no other.

When my mother initially came up with the recipe, everyone was stunned as to how delicious it was. What really stood out to them was the fact that the cheesecake was eggless. At the time, this was unheard of. It was perfect for vegetarians and those who have diet restrictions. Our friends and family suggested that we sell the cheesecake, but it felt too cumbersome at the time.
As years passed with lots of Research and Development I gained more understanding of how the cheesecake is made. Inculcating new methods I made a move to sell the cheesecake mix Instead of selling the cheesecake. I then decided that may everyone could have the delight of baking it themselves.

This mix is affordable, easy-to-bake and customisable—making it perfect for both households and the hotel industry. Our vision was to make this dessert as homely, fresh and delicious as one could be. And we did succeed in doing so.

Tracing Our Success in the Cheesecake Business

Our vision and unparalleled flavours, combined with our sense of business, is what drove The Cheesecake to success. What’s more? We have an intricate understanding of the cheesecake business in India and what it entails. At The Cheesecake, we offer rich and flavourful eggless cheesecake mix at affordable prices for businesses. Finding a cheesecake mix in stores that does not contain egg is a rarity. Considering that a large population of the country is vegetarian, we want to make the humble cheesecake accessible to everybody, no matter the diet restrictions. Rest assured, consumers relish it.
From world-renowned chefs to high-quality restaurants and luxury hotels—top culinarians trust our cheesecake mix. For them, there is no substitute for the best quality ingredients, and that’s precisely what we provide. We are committed to delivering the topmost standards of hospitality and flavour suited to the cheesecake business.

Family, Friendships And Flavour: Our Brand’s Essence

Whether your eatery caters to families and couples or friends and corporates—baking with our cheesecake mix is a fast, efficient and delicious way to round off any meal in style. Plus, the cheesecake also provides a sense of love and care to its eater. And these values are at the heart of our brand. Not only is the cheesecake mix cost-effective, but it is also easy-to-bake and guarantees delicious taste every time. Plus, it adds an eggless variant on your eatery’s menu, which immediately sets you apart from the rest. Our cheesecake mix, paired with the freshest picks of fruits and sauces, will assuredly elevate your guests’ overall dining experience—be it kids, couples, families or even business people.

We Understand Your Needs And Deliver on Them

Most importantly, we understand the responsibilities incumbent upon the cheesecake business in hospitality industries across the country. From lending a competitive edge to your dining offerings to ensuring top standards of safety, hygiene and quality—we take care of it all. Our packaging, too, boasts of a minimalist, classy and customer-friendly design. It accurately resembles our business model. When it comes to our recipe, it is flavourful, carefully crafted and emotionally driven.
So, at The Cheesecake, we invite you to try out our eggless cheesecake mix for yourself. You can contact us here. We are looking forward to working with you!